Successful first edition YER ladies Event

18-11-2016 16:31

Yesterday it was ladies only at the YER Eindhoven office, because the first edition of the YER Ladies Event took place. The event is an initiative of Marieke Oerlemans, Senior Consultant at YER, in order to give women in the YER network the opportunity to learn from each other. The event gave women inspiration for their careers and made them aware of how to use their qualities (even) more effectively. There were women present with different backgrounds and from various companies, but with an equal motivation.

High potential programme
The evening started with a delicious Indonesian buffet and a welcome speech by Marieke Oerlemans. Rosalinda Gaudio, seconded by YER, then talked about how she participates in a unique high potential programme of her employer. Her goal is to inspire other women to follow such a programme.

CEO on heels
The event was named ‘CEO on heels' and we had to thank our keynote speaker, Vanessa Engelhart (Managing Director of EQIP Consultancy), for this name. She wrote the thesis 'CEO on heels' for her study Business Economics at Nyenrode University. During her thesis she did research on women working on CEO level and how they have walked their career path. She explained the highlights of her thesis and the moves she has made during her career and how she experienced them. Her biggest learning point was that the qualities you possess naturally can bring you far. “If you feel it, you can do it!”. Women need to become more aware of this.

During a workshop Vanessa involved all the participants in her research by putting them in duos to discuss two questions:

  • What qualities do you think a female CEO/Executive should possess? And why?
  • Do you have the confidence that you could do just as well as a male CEO? And why?

The questions led to interesting comments and the participants could learn a lot from each other.

Vanessa finished her presentation with tips and tricks on how you can make your point more clearly as a woman. You do not need to explain everything and pro-activity is very important. "Be bold!"

Brigitte Noordergraaf (Vice President of BlueCielo), one of the CEO women Vanessa interviewed, ended the programme by sharing her experiences. Thanks to her passion for languages - she speaks 7 languages - she was able to accomplish much at international level. Her tip to the participants: "Do not try so hard, be yourself."

YER Ladies Event_fotosInterested?
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