YER organises first event for career-oriented women: CEO on heels

29-09-2016 14:20

We are delighted to announce that our first YER Ladies Event will take place on Thursday 17 November 2016. This special event is for all women in the YER network seeking inspiration for their careers and who wish to learn how to use their qualities (even) more effectively.

Vanessa Engelhart (Managing Director of EQIP Consultancy) and Brigitte Noordegraaf (Vice President of BlueCielo) will tell us more about the moves they have made during their own careers and how they experienced them. Vanessa will also explain the results of her research project 'CEO on heels'. In a practical workshop, we will study the issues lying at the heart of her research. What is life like for women CEOs? What do we have in common with these women and what can we learn from them?
In addition to the workshop, there will of course be plenty of opportunity for networking!

The YER Ladies Event takes place in the beautiful Skybar of our Eindhoven office and starts at 17:00.

Wish to attend this special YER Ladies Event?
Please contact Marieke Oerlemans (Senior Consultant YER), or 06 292 391 70.

YER Ladies Event 2016 aankondiging