Talent Development at YER

YER aims to provide the best professionals for secondment at our clients. We look for those with ambition and a drive to achieve their very best. As an employer, we believe it is important to give you the opportunity to develop in a way that will further your career. As well as career advice from your consultant, YER also offers a Talent Development Programme. This involves an individual programme tailored to your own needs and objectives, and based on your talents, ambitions and opportunities. It is made up of a combination of insights, advice, training and coaching.

How is the process structured?

In the first few weeks of your new job, you'll take time to adjust to your role, the company, the culture and to identify potential challenges as well as areas where you can develop. A month after starting your new job, you'll receive an invitation for the Talent Development Programme. If you're interested, we'll start the process with a Talent Development Assessment.

Talent Development Assessment

The Talent Development Assessment gives you insights into your personal qualities as well as your weaknesses, motivations and learning styles. Your personal coach will discuss the outcomes of the assessment with you. What stumbling blocks do you face in performing your role? Which skills and competencies would you like to develop further? How would this help you progress in your role? The rest of the process is tailored to you, and by working with your coach you will be able to set your objectives for the months ahead.

Coaching meetings

After the Talent Development Assessment, you will be offered individual coaching meetings. These meetings are a chance to work in a focused way on the objectives you identified earlier. The basic idea is that you further develop your existing talents, or learn new skills. Coaching increases your self-awareness. It gives you greater control over your personal development, and teaches you to reach your full potential.

What will you achieve through the Talent Development Programme?

At the end of the process:

  • you will have a clear picture of yourself and your professional ambitions;
  • you will know what motivates you;
  • you will know exactly how you want to develop and will have identified your learning style;
  • you will have made concrete steps towards your development;
  • you will be better equipped to steer your talent development yourself;
  • your development strategy for the immediate future will be clear;
  • you will have improved your career opportunities by developing within the organisation you work in.

Other training courses and study programmes

As well as the Talent Development Programme, YER also provides opportunities to participate in other training courses (such as those provided by third parties or the client you work for) and to pursue study programmes to expand your hard skills.


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